Title: Subspace Postcards

Author: nostalgia

Rated: R, for one very bad word. Otherwise it'd probably be a PG.

Disclaimer: Paramount own all of these people. I just like to mess with their heads a wee bit.

Summary: Miles, in keeping in contact with old friends.

I hear more about Jake from the press than from his letters. We were never that close, and I think he writes to most of us out of some sense of by-proxy loyalty, like he's doing it on behalf of his father. He's got his third book out in a few months. I liked the last one. A bit too introspective for me, but quite a good read. His father would be proud of him, he always was.

Personally, I'm not too sure what happened to Captain Sisko. I've never been one for religion, and all that `ascended to the celestial temple' feels a bit too mystical. But you never know. Maybe.

I liked Sisko. He was good at what he did. He kept his distance, didn't let a senior officer clique form around him the way Picard did. He just let you get on with your job, let you feel useful and respected. And on the few occasions he went into Quarks for a drink, he never assumed that you'd let him sit with you, he waited to be invited. I think he was a bit scared of the sorts moments that used to happen on the Enterprise when Picard was in Ten Forward, couldn't remember who the hell you were, and everyone just sat staring at their drinks not knowing quite what to say. Not that I didn't like Picard, but, well... He was a bit... Well, you always felt like he was slumming it, really.

Worf is always prompt with his letters. He's a bit… Worfish, but he's always polite. I still don't know what the hell it is that Klingon Ambassadors actually do. Probably sit around singing about battles and getting pissed on bloodwine. All power to him, really. He deserves a good break. He keeps getting called back to the Enterprise for half-arsed missions, and he keeps me up to date on how everyone's doing. I notice that they never invite me.

Unsurprisingly, I've only heard from Quark once, and that was a payment reminder for the outstanding balance on my bar tab. Bastard. But I miss him. There's no one can water down a drink as skilfully as he can. And I'd grown used to that special definition of a litre that only he used. Devious little git.

Last letter I got from Julian, he told me that Ezri's expecting. That one was a bit of a surprise, he never mentioned that they were trying for a kid. And there's something fundamentally wrong with the image of Julian as a father. He's too… I can never decide if she's too young for him or he's too young for her. But the letter made them seem happy, and if I wasn't getting other, separate letters from the two of them I might have actually believed it. I hope the baby isn't some last-ditch attempt to find some reason to stay together. All that's going to do is bring someone else into the equation, who isn't going to happy when he or she finds out that Mummy and Daddy didn't love each other very much after all. Fucking idiots, the both of them. I know it sounds like mutiny, but I honestly think she'd have been better off with Worf.

Kira's always asking after Yoshi. She's thinking about coming for a visit, and it'll be nice to see her again. And she panders to my ego, telling me how nothing works since I left the station. But she's far too tough to actually say how much she misses us.

It's nice to know that she's still there, that the station's still floating where I left it. That I can always take Keiko and the kids back for a visit. I know they say you can't cross the same bridge twice, but I can always try. I like to think I'm good at trying.

My own letters are probably as boring as hell. Updates on the kids, a few words from Keiko, some dull anecdotes about teaching. I never feel like I've got anything worth saying. But I have to say something, so they've all got a reason to keep writing back to me, so I get something familiar to read about every once in a while. And it makes it a bit easier not to miss them all so damn much.

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