Title:A Secret View


Rating: R

Codes: J/J and someone else

Summary: Someone sees something not intended to be seen.

Author's Note: Un-beta'd. Not sure if this fits the challenge, but what the hell.

Standing in the shadows that curve along the still unused overhang above the promenade, he watches and waits for them to finish. He didn't mean to come across them, he just wanted to walk and clear his head. Once again, he's found them, conducting their illicit affair. They really do like to push the limits. One day they'll get caught if they aren't careful.

It strikes him as funny, how they believe no one suspects them. For the most part, they're right, no one suspects a thing. Not even Odo. Then again, the constable is looking for the worst in people's natures, not the best -- not love or friendship. Odo doesn't know what it means to love, so he doesn't know what to look for, and so is as much in the dark as the rest.

But he knows. He's known for a long time.

She is beautiful, that dark hair, those tiny spots that curve down the neck, hinting that they travel lower. She has a sparkle in her eyes that isn't just from Dax. It's also that part of her that is uniquely Jadzia. Her laugh has nothing to do with Dax or the other lives that Dax was a part. It's all Jadzia, alluring, sexual, flirtatious.

Julian, he's sure, is hiding something. No one can be so naive or so hapless. It's almost too calculated, as if he's afraid someone will notice that he's more skilled and smarter than he looks. He's good a burying his true self underneath his pleasant facade. The only time he sees flashes of the true Julian is when he gives a veiled look at Jadzia when they think no one is watching. His eyes seem to meet hers with the amusement of an equal. He plays at the lovesick puppy chasing the unattainable woman, but that look blows the act right out of the water.

It's a pity that nobody else has picked up on it. At times like this, he wishes there was someone he could share his insights with on the subject.

He watches as Julian grasps Jadzia and pins her to the bulkhead, thrusting into her, burying his head in her neck as she wraps her legs around him. Her moans are low and she holds on to his shoulders for dear life. The watcher holds in a wry chuckle. For a man who always looks like he's too thin for his own good, he's rather strong. It's amazing that he hold her up and continue to enter her.

They continue on for a few more minutes, kissing one another deeply to help smother their cries. Shuddering mutely, they stop and he puts her down, sliding out of her expertly. With practiced ease, they adjust their clothing, check each other's appearances, and smile smugly.

Moving out of their dark corner, they enter into the light with their personas firmly in place: she is the wise and patient woman putting up with his adoration and he is the lovesick puppy, hoping that she'll one day relent.

He waits until they are long gone and then Garak continues his walk, wondering when he'll have another secret view of their affair.

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