Author: Stexgirl2000

Rating: NC-17

Codes: J/J

Disclaimer: DS9 is the property of Paramount. I just have the characters do things the script writers weren't allowed to do.

Author's Note: Nostalgia made me do it. No, not really. I wanted to do this, she just gave me the excuse.

The dark inside her quarters was repressive tonight. Tonight, she wished for a warm body pressed next to hers. She wished for another heartbeat to lull her to sleep.

Her mind wandered through the many loves she'd known as Dax. Different bodies pressed upon different bodies. Different lips meeting one another, trailing down skin that was hers and yet...wasn't.

Letting her hand wander down between her legs, she let her memories flow. A lover teased a clitoris with her tongue...a wife's mouth plunged down on a phallus, hand grasping sacs tightly...a husband loomed over, face flushed with pleasure...

Jadzia sighed. It wasn't good when her mind traveled down the path of what was, when she needed something now.

No, she needed someone now.

Touching the controls next to her bed, she lightened the window, allowing starlight to come through. If she could not sleep, at least she could look at the stars.

The stars, while beautiful, were not enough.

Her hands made lazy patterns around her breasts. She needed to think of someone who was in the here and now. She needed a fantasy that was uniquely hers and not one from the past lives of Dax.


Yes, he would do.

It was no secret that he wanted her. Wanted her badly. Lusted after her.

She put him off because he was a child compared to the lives she lived through Dax's memories. She put him off because it would be too easy to love him. She put him off because she wanted someone more exciting, more dangerous.

Sometimes, Dax would let her know that the part of her that uniquely Jadzia was being silly for wanting just excitement and danger in a sexual partner. Julian would do just fine, if she'd just take the initiative.

Perhaps she would, one day. Not tonight.

Tonight, he would be a fantasy.

Closing her eyes, Jadzia let her hand wander down to her clitoris again. With tight, firm circles, she let her fingers move against it.

In her mind, he walks into her quarters in civilian clothing. Dinner, with wine and very little conversation follows. At the end of dinner, she gets up and takes him by the hand, leading him to her bed.

He pushes her back onto the pillows, kissing her slowly. Long fingers trail down her arm, across her stomach. Pulling up, he undresses himself slowly. She smiles and slips off her dress. Underneath she is nude. His smile back to her is wickedly appreciative.

There are no words between them. No endearments. Nothing but their lips meeting again and their hands wandering across one another's bodies.

She feels his erection against her thigh and she grasps it, sliding her hand up and down the length with pressure. He likes it hard. He likes a little bit of pain.

He dips his head and nips at her nipples with his teeth. She moans. She likes a bit of pain too.

He kisses his way down her chest, her stomach, her thighs. With firm hands he spreads her legs and bites at her clitoris. She grasps at his hair as his tongue first soothes her, then flicks firmly against the nub.

She rubs at herself harder and curses that she doesn't have anything handy to put inside her as well.

He ceases his licking just as her orgasm threatens to explode. Instead, he kisses her swiftly, giving her a brief taste of herself. Flipping her over, he enters her from behind, his hands digging into her hips as he begins to thrust.

Only the rapid sound of their breathing fills the room. She pushes against him and tightens herself around his cock. A hand moves down to caress her breasts. She feels her orgasm building and feels the hardness of his balls as they slap against her ass.

His hand moves down to her clitoris and rubs in time with his thrusting. She feels him being to spill into her, a groan his only sound.

With a cry, she comes hard, the pleasure shooting through her nerves, making her thrash against the sheets.

She doesn't stop until the pleasure is almost unbearable.

Letting her hand drop to her side, Jadzia pulls up the sheet.

As she drifts off to sleep, she wonders if the reality would be as good as the fantasy.

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