Title: Mercy Fuck

Author: Sue M

Series: DS9

Codes: J/J

Part: 1/1

Rating: NC17 for explicit m/f sex

Setting: 5th season?

Summary: for the Bajorarama J/J challenge and because I have a quiet night in.

Disclaimer: Paramount owns Star Trek, DS9, and the characters. This story was written for entertainment purposes only.

Copyright Sue M 2003.

Oh yes, the idea of the symbiote having an orgasm came from the fertile mind of Paula Stiles, thank you Paula for feeding my fevered imagination. Enjoy.

"Look, Julian. I don't want to spend the rest of my life with you. I love Worf, at least, Jadzia does.

And you really should be looking for a nice young, okay, nice older man, to spend your life with. And if I'd met you as Curzon it might have been a different matter butů" She was shedding clothes all the time she spoke. Julian Bashir, backed up against the bulkhead in his quarters, swallowed hard as Jadzia Dax cornered him.

"I mean, the wedding is in less than two weeks, it's all prepared and I'm all prepared to love, honour and well, be with Worf for the rest of this life. Butů" Oh boy, a rabid Trill in his room, Worf was going to kill him. "Now, Jadzia," think fast, bright boy. "This is just wedding jitters." Some jitters, she had got down to her underwear, and what on earth did she mean by 'nice older man'?

Jadzia stalked him like an expert. She'd bedded dozens while posted to the station, but she'd always resisted the pretty doctor's advances, and indeed it had been several years since he had given up the chase.

He was beautiful though, Jadzia had never denied that, and Dax had a crush on the impressive intellect which went with the pretty shell. And in a couple of weeks it would be too late. So, fortified by a couple of Black Holes, she pounced.

"Oh!" Julian exclaimed as the expert lips closed on his throat. He was only wearing a robe (it was two hundred hours station time) and her hands, cold as ever ran across his chest, pinching, teasing, caressing.

"No. No words, Julian." She breathed. "Not now. Just us." So he bowed his head, they were the same height, and nuzzled her sweet smelling hair, and forgot all about clever words. Resistance was futile.

She slid her arms about him beneath the robe, he responded by gently unhooking her bra and freeing those magnificent breasts which had filled his fantasies for years. The freckles grazed the sides of her breasts before going further down her sides; he grazed her neck, kissing down the line of pale brown spots.

"Mmm." She seemed to like that so he cupped one breast in his hand and kissed and tongued the other one. She tangled her hands in his soft hair, she'd expected more of a fight from him, but wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth, particularly such a gifted mouth.

He gasped, in shock as much as arousal, when her cold hand closed round his cock. "Jadzia!" he sounded scandalised. She smirked; Julian needed an assertive hand. She squeezed, not gently. "Bedroom." It was a command, not a question.

"Oof!" He landed on his back on the bed, Jadzia straddled him. He ran his hands up the freckles on her legs, his fingers over her crotch, over the briefs she wore. She gasped, the sensation through the thin cloth, looking up at her, his eyes were filled with years of yearning. He glowed. His hands smoothed her thighs, ran between them, teasing, stroking her clitoris through the fabric. The crotch was getting wet as she responded to the caress. She responded by running her hands across his chest, teasing him as he had her, stroking his nipples in time to what he was doing between her legs.

He pushed the sodden cloth to one side and slid two fingers into her, his thumb on her clitoris. Jadzia moaned and writhed into an orgasm. The fingers were insistent, up and inwards, she was slick and wet as the ocean and he still looked up at her, luminous copper eyes drinking in the sight of her. She could feel his erection against her buttocks but then he rammed into her again and another orgasm juddered through her. Oh yes, that was good. But it would be a shame to waste such a nice erection. She rose on her heels, his fingers slipped wetly from her, the panties were in the way now. Worf would have ripped them from her; Julian was way too much of a gentleman. She kept eye contact with him while she struggled out of them while trying to keep her thrumming body in contact with him as much as she could.

She reached beneath her and guided his cock into her wetness. This time they gasped in unison. He wasn't as big as Worf, nor as thick but as he thrust up into her, that didn't matter, he was big enough to hit the right spot, still throbbing from the workout his fingers had given her. His slick hand rested on her thigh as she arched her back and worked into a rhythm to match his, the other hand stroked her belly, stroked Dax through her abdomen. His breathing quickened, a sheen of sweat gilding the copper skin, and still his eyes drank in the sight of her. She looked down at him with lust filled blue eyes and rode him to another climax. But she couldn't keep his gaze, he was too open, too honest, the emotion she saw there too raw. For her this was just a fuck, a last chance before committing herself to a life of monogamy. But for gentle, sensual Julian, it was a fantasy made flesh, she knew that, she had counted on his inability to say no, particularly to her.

Then he thrust hard into her and she forgot any misgivings in the rush of sensation and he was coming inside her, hot and hard pumping with his head thrown back on the bed and those honest eyes closed as he gave himself over to lust. She ran her cool hands over his stomach, encouraging him onwards as she would have done with a male joined Trill. She tightened her pelvic muscles and he groaned then Dax moved in her belly and she know he felt that too and he thrust one last time and Dax came too, sending waves of warmth through her and making her shudder with another devastating climax.

He was panting hard as she slid off him. "Oh, Jadzia. What have we done?" "Shh," she hushed him, sliding up his body, still kissing and caressing. "I'm still a single woman, remember?" She touched his face, turned him towards her.

She kissed him on the mouth for the first time, for the last time and slipped out of his bed, and out of his life.

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