Title: Just a Moment

By: Tori Morris

Rating: PG-13, as it's very chaste.

Subject: Jadzia/Julian, for the Bajorarama monthly challenge.

Note: I'm so sorry that I failed to write you porn, Nostalgia. I just can't get Jadzia to fuck him. My bad.

The infirmary was blessedly quiet. The Argolis cluster mission had gone well, with only minor injuries that he had been able to patch up as they came in. Ensign Ngolo's leg had been a bit of a nail biter for a moment, but he had been able to send him to his quarters after the fighting had been finished.

And now, as the Defiant smoothly slid into orbit around Starbase 375, he puttered about replacing supplies and setting the biobeds back to normal status. All work he could have gotten a nurse to do, had he one, and had he not enjoyed the menial nature of the work. There was something very pleasurable about pretending for the briefest of instants, that his mind wasn't working at double the speed of everyone else.

Perhaps this is why he hadn't heard the slight decompression of the door as it slid open, hadn't heard her footsteps on the floor until her cool hand had found its way to his shoulder. He jumped, and then looked up, his eyes meeting her pale blue ones. They were beautiful, perhaps his favorite feature of her, when he had entertained enough hopes to list them.

"Ja-- captain." He stated, turning around to stare more fully at her. She was covered in dry soot, and smelled faintly of exploding consoles and sweat. "Need anything?" He had long become familiar with Captain Sisko's habit of waiting until the last minute for medical treatment, and although it had never been one of Jadzia's, perhaps it was a trick of the trade.

She smiled wanly, and returned her hand behind her back, before looking slightly away. "I was just..." A pause, and then, "Julian, you know... sometimes I worry that I'm doing the wrong thing. With Worf."

"Really?" He sputtered out and then instantly regretted it. It was the sort of reply that said entirely too much in it's quickness, the eager tone in its voice.

Perhaps a millimeter of her slim eyebrow raised at that, as if she knew what he had meant. It seemed like she could see right through him, always, and even now it made him wonder what ever made him think he could have compared.

"Yes, really." She said, and stepped closer to him. He leaned against the biobed. "If there's one thing I dislike, it's regrets. I don't want to be dead and come back every zhian'tara to tell them about regret."

"Like Torias?" Julian still had intimate memories from his time spent hosting the former test pilot. She smiled then, just a little bit. It reminded me of how when she was truly happy, her smile could light up a room, and intoxicate a man like nothing else. Worf was indeed a lucky man.

"Yes." She paused and then, "You know, it's so funny. I've lived over three hundred years-- seen empires rise and fall, and still I worry, that I haven't made the right choices."

"Just like any of us sentient beings," Julian said, lightly, feeling the edge of the biobed press into his back. She was so close to him now, he could just feel her body heat at the edge of his perception, and the subtle brush of her overjacket against his hand. She leaned in closer, blue eyes locked on his own, and kissed him, pressing up against his body. He blinked in surprise for a moment, then closed them, savoring the moment. His blood pounded, and he could feel an erection rising in his trousers.

It seemed all too short, and then Jadzia pulled away. He stared at her, in what must have been abject confusion, before she ruffled his hair, and turned away, leaving as quickly as she had arrived. The room was quiet, nothing but the slight electrical hum and buzz to replace the sound of her.

He wondered, if someday she would drive him mad.