Title: Observations on a Theme

AN: First season vaguely slashy drabble.Thanks to nostalgia for getting me to write and then post this, as well as for the title.

He's an idiot, Miles thinks, and isn't quite sure who he means.

The doctor is naive, patronising and quite frankly a bloody fool. Fresh out of the Academy with all the enthusiasm and intelligence of a young pup, he is obviously fated for a few whacks on the nose with a rolled up newspaper. If not worse.

Couldn't he see what was going on with those lunches? Miles couldn't comprehend ever acting so friendly with a Cardie. Surely with all his training Bashir learnt a little history.

He didn't see why Sisko let it go on, although he knew from the greedy look in the Cardassian's eyes what that one hoped to get out of it. Any benefit the Federation gained from this arrangement was bound to come at a significant cost.

More things Miles didn't know: why in the world someone hadn't taken Julian aside and explained to him just what was going on, why he hadn't done so himself, and exactly what made him care so much anyway.

But it's not his place to do anything, not now they've got Sisko's unofficial approval. Miles gets on with his work and tells himself to forget about things he can't change.

Maybe one day he'll listen.

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